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I thought this article would be of interest coming up to Easter.
Davaar Island  -  Campbelltown
Davaar Island is located at the mouth of Campbelltown Loch off the east coast of Kintyre and can be reached via a causeway at low tide.
In 1887 a local artist had a dream in which he had a vision which inspired him to set forth to the island with his brushes and paint.  The result was a life sized painting of the Cruecifixion on the inside wall of one of the caves on the island.  To this day the painting is still there with maintenance being provided by the local council.
This has become quite a tourist attraction and tide times can be obtained from the local tourist information centre.  The walk in itself along the causeway is very enjoyable and once on the island there is a wonderful sense of peace.
This is a worthwhile visit.
Pat McMahon